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This year (2020) I participated in the anual image competition of the IAPBP (International Association of Professional Birth Photographers). This American organisation has almost 1100 members from all over the world. This year 702 images were submitted by photographers from 22 countries. This year I didn’t win any prizes or honorable mentions but my submitted pictures did make it to the top 20 percent! And, the absolute winner was a photographer from the Netherlands so ‘we’ did win a little!

To see all the winning pictures click here!

The caption of this image is ‘7850 km’ and is part of the photo series ‘Isa’. At the moment this shot was taken a lot happened. Mandy was Facetiming her sister in the Netherlands. Mandy did not only showed her sister her newborn babygirl and niece but also told her sister Daisy that the little girls second name would be Daisy. You can see what happened next. Everyone (me included) had to cry, especially because Mandy was on Curacao and her sister was in the Netherlands, 7850 kilometers away.


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