Fresh 48

If you don’t feel comfortable getting a birth photographer to photograph your birth, but do you still want beautiful photos from the first moments together? Well, you’re in luck! A Fresh 48 photo shoot is perfect for you! Beautiful, intimate portraits of the first moments when a family is born!

The Fresh 48 is a lifestyle shoot that takes place in the hospital or at your home, within 48 hours after delivery. The first hours/days after a birth really fly by and so much happens to you that these are the moments that you sometimes ‘forget’ too quickly. I will come over to you and then I take pictures of you and your baby/family. For example detailed photos of baby’s hands, feet, head, ears etc. But also breastfeeding or changing diapers and a cuddle session with mum and dad or for the first time in the arms of grandparents.

Fresh 48 is not a newborn session in which the baby is laid and photographed in all kinds of posed positions. I don’t bring any clothing or props. I photograph your bundle of joy and the family in a natural and disarming way. Lovingly and without fuss.

Tip: No idea what you want to put on the birth announcement card? Fresh 48 is an ideal shoot if you want to use a baby photo for the birth announcement.

What are the costs of a Fresh48 shoot?
included are;

  •  1,5 – 2 hours photography on location (hospital or at home)
  • Styling/clothing advice
  • Within 24 hours the photo’s are delivered digitally, in an online (secured) gallery
  • 12 high resolution photo’s (you choose!) in black and white or color.

175 euro
(travel expenses included up to 50 kilometers from my hometown Heemstede, parking fees excluded)

Tip: You can already book a session when you’re halfway through your pregnancy!