Sometime in June (2018) I receive a message through Facebook. Denise exresses her interest in a birth session and she would like some more information. We schedule a meet up at Riffort (Willemstad, Curacao). When I arrive, Denise meets me with a 4-person crew, her self, her sister and two of her best friends. They ask me a 1001 questions and I’m glad I have an answer for 99% of them 😉 After an hour or so we say goodbye. Denisee’s expected due date mid July so she has to decide within days…

Within a few days she contacts me to say that she wants me to cover the birth! i’m so excited! Than the waiting begins.July 22nd is her DD… As soon as week 38 is there, I send her a text to let her know that my on call time has started.

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On the 18th of July I recieve a phone call from Jennise, Denise’s older sister. She informs me that Denise is probably in stage one of her labor. Stage one—which lasts from the onset of labor until the cervix is fully dilated—is the longest stage of labor. During that time period, her labor will probably shift from not-so-bad to wow-that-is-intense! And as soon as that happens, I hope t be summoned!

Both evening and night pass by without any news. In the morning, when I’ve just finished my breakfast, I receive a phone call from Jennise. They have just arrived at the Kraamkliniek (birthing clinic on Curacao). “Will you come this way?”

My camerbag was packed and ready to go so within minutes I start to head there. I pack a bottle of water and some salty crackers. You never know how long you’re going to be there for! It’s afew minutes before 9 AM when I pull up at the parking of the birthing clinic.

Luckily they are already waiting for me; dad-to-be Rupert, Jennise and ofcourse Denise. The contractions come and go and from time to time, Denise walks down the hall way to try and help the baby to descend.

Meanwhile the nurses fill up the bath tub. Denise has her mind set on a delivery in the water. Every now and then midwife Nathalie checks Denise’s dilation. After a handful of check ups Denise is finally ready. The dilation is complete and she can take place in the bath. It’s 2:15 PM.

Although the dilation is complete somehow the baby has a problem to make it’s way through the birthing canal, even though Denise is pushing as hard as she can. After a little check, Denise has to come out of the bath. The surface of the tub seems to be a little too hard to allow the pelvic muscles to stretch and help the baby pass.

While  the nurses help Denise out of the bath tub, the other nurses are preparing the birthing stool. The baby needs space so it can descend a little further and make the turn to come out. Denise is trying so hard but still no luck.

Midwife Amanda is working on another patient but she drops by to see if she can help. After consulting, the midwives (there are three of them now!) decide to help Denise with the final centimeters… at exactly 3:51 PM she pushes and screams one last time and babyboy Davian is finally born! After exhaling and cathching her breath Denise and Rupert can finally call them selves mom and dad and they can’t stop gazing at their little boy wonder!

It was a long and intense birth for mom Denise but as soon as she laid eyes on her little bundle of joy, all pain was forgotten!

Pabien pabien with your beautiful baby boy!