On Monday the 29th of May 2018, two moms were due. Although it is -physically- impossible to cover two births at the same time, I still decide to accept both requests. The chances of them giving birth on the exact same date and time are almost negligible…

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May 29th comes and goes. I keep close contact with both moms but there is no significant movement. May 30th also goes by uneventful. At 5:28 PM on May 31st I receive a tekst message from one of the moms; the contractions have started and she informs me that as soon as they decide to go to the Kraamkliniek (Birthing Clinic on Curaçao) she will give me a call. With her first baby on the way, you never know how long i twill take so I prepare myself for a -hopefulle- short night and go to bed at 9:30 PM. At 9:55 PM I receive the much anticipated phonecall: Mom-to-be J. is en route tot he Kraamkliniek. I quickly get dressed and follow her example.

At 10:10 PM I arrive at the Kraamkliniek. On the parkingplace it is Om 22:10 uur kom ik aan bij de Kraamkliniek. It is pleasantly busy in front of the building, on the parking lot. Relatives of mom J. are waiting for news about the baby’s arrival. Once inside, I meet J., dad-to-be E. and the one of the grandma’s-To-be. Midwife D. tells me to wait until there is more news. Fortunately I have a book with me so time goes relatively fast. At approx. 11 p.m. J. has 3-4 cm dilation and as time progresses, the intensity of contractions increases. J.’s dilation is checked again at 1:00 AM to see if things have changed. The outcome of this chweck up will decide if J. will be sent home fort he night or if they keep her there.

Just before 2 in the morning J.’s dilation is 6-7 centimeters. However, it is still unsure what is going to happen; the last few centimeters kan happen within the next hou rand a half or so or it can take up to three hours or more… I decide to go home to freshen up, have some coffee and I’m back at the clinic at 3:15 AM. J. is in a lot of pain but the dilation is far from complete.

At 5:30 the midwife decides to break the water. Then things start to speed up. There is meconium (baby poo) in the amniotic fluid and due to protocol the baby has tob e delivered in the hospital. There is a possibility that the baby is in distress and the hospital is better equipped to deal with these situations. An ambulance is called and with burning rubber they make their way tot he hospital. I follow on their tail.

In the hospital, the whole waiting game starts again. The provision of information is really scarce. Left and right the family of the parents-to-be is succumbing to their fatigue. Some try to doze of a litlle but as soon as someone emerges from the sliding doors that give access tot he delivery rooms, everyone is wide awake again.

Slowly but steadily, the hours go by. It turns 8, 9 o’clock. We are already on our way to mid day. Then suddenly there is commotion: the baby is going to be delivered through a caesarean section!

For me, the whole birthing proces took about 16 hours. For J an E and their family it was even longer. Mommy J. was really strong throughout the birth, but it was really heavy for her. Respect!

At 1:48 PM on June 1st little Ju-Even is born. He’s a big boy of almost 52 centimeters and weighs 7 pounds! All’s well that end well. Another little Yu di Korsou was born! Bon bini dushi baby!