Last week I was visiting mama S. and daddy A. to show them the pictures of the birth of their baby boy Z. I had not even set foot in the house or my telephone rang. When you’re a birth photographer you have to be on call 24/7 because you never know when a baby decides to be born!

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Dad-to-be L. was on the line, “she has 9 centimeters dilation, can you come quickly?” I quickly appologized to S. and A. and hurried home. I had to pick up my camera first before I could join them. Note-to-self; never leave home without your camera when you’re on stand by! Within 30 minutes (don’t ask how ;)) I was at the birth.

E. was going to birth at home and in a bath so I really wanted to be there. On Curacao there are not so many home births and combined with a bath they are even more rare!

When I arrived E. and L. were already in the water and together they were breathing through the contractions. E. did show to much of the pain she was experiencing so it was kind of hard to tell how far along she was. And then, at one point, L. said that he felt the baby between E. legs and within seconds, babyboy K. was born!

It was a really quick birth, after only a few contractions their little boy appeared! A healthy baby, with ten fingers and eleven toes 😉 It happened so quickly that even E. and L. could hardly believe it was already done!

After some more cuddling with their newborn and the last few pictures I sneaked away and left a really happy family!