The date is October 14th. I’ve been in contact with mom-to-be Nikii for a couple of days already. She’s had some minor contractions but nothing serious.

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In the evening of oktober 14th 2018, mama Nikii Maria is admitted to the Sehos (Sint Elisabeth Hospitaal, CuraƧao). She has a slight fever, a headache and some minor contractions. The rest of the night remains uneventful.

Luckily her fever and headache drop during the nigh so in the early morning hours, the docter decides to induce the labour. At 9 AM I finally receive the long awaited phone call. The contractions are building up in strength so it’s time to grab my camera and make my way to the hospital.

Mama Nikii is keeping it together and as the contractions become stronger, she keeps a strong mind. At 11:48 AM a little baby boy is born! Bon bini Ni’Jeavan!