It’s a Friday afternoon towards the end of April 2017. I’m just getting ready to meet up with some friends at the beach for happy hour. Just a drink or two, to celebrate the upcoming weekend.

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When I arrive at the beach, ready to order my first drink, my phone rings, “Please hurry and come to the Kraamkliniek (Birthing Clinic on Curacao), S. is in active labor!” I quickly say goodbye to everyone and jump in my car. I make a short detour  to grab my camera at home (and somehting to eat) and 45 minutes later I walk into the Kraamkliniek. The midwife tells me that S. is going to be transferred from the regular rooms into the delivery room any minute. My batteries are charged, my memory cards are empty so I’m ready to go!

As soon as S. is moved to the delivery room I slowly start to take pictures. S. is keeping it together in spite of the pain. She carefully listens and follows the directions of the midwife. After a few heavy and painful contractions she’s finally given the green light. She can start pushing. At 7:43 PM baby Sudriena is born (within an hour and a half after my arrival!)

Wow! Mom S. really gained my respect. Well done, compliments! Screaming at the top of her little lungs, Sudriena is welcomed into the world. Mom, dad and grandma are overwhelmed with joy and everyone is crying happy tears. The little girl is being cuddled by everyone in the room and admired from head to the little toes. I almost choke up because of all the love I see. Almost… because I have a job to do so I have to keep it together 😉

What makes this birth even more special is that mom S. was born when the same midwife was on duty 21 years ago. And today she’s delivering her own little baby girl. Who knows what will happen 21 years from now…

I stick around to take some more shots during the weighing and measuring moments and after about 2 hours after the birth, I say goodbye.

Sweet baby, I wish you all the love and hapiness in the world and looking at your parents, you’re off to an amazing start in life! Pabien! ?