When mama Guerlianne is almost 8 months pregnant, she contact me. A few days later we plan a get-to-know-eachother meeting. There has to be a ‘click’ between mom (parents) and the photographer (me) ’cause otherwise you’re only a nuisance during the whole labor process. Mom has to feel comfortable having me around!

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On the day of our meeting, about 5 minutes after our set time, my phone rings. I was busy cleaning the house -and you’ve probably guessed already- I completely lost track of time! They called me because Dutch people have a habit of being exactly on time and I was not at the right place at the set time… oops! Lucky for me, I didn’t live to far away from the meeting point so 20 minutes later I could join them. And apologize a thousand times! Dad-to-be, Vaisel was also present at the meet up. The three of us chatted for an hour or so and we hit it off right away. They said yes to me and my services so now the waiting could begin…

July 6th was the due date but nothing happened. No contractions on the 7th and we we’re getting ready for another peaceful night on the 8th. As I was sound asleep, dreaming of endless holidays and such, at 2 AM my phone rings! Mama Guerlianne has just checked in to the hospital. I get dressed quickly, grab my gear and head towards the hospital. As soon as I arrive, I meet Vaisel’s mom. She lives in the Netherlands but is on vacation on Curaçao and hoping to witness the birth of her grandchild. She had not missed one (out of three) so far. Great timing! We all took turns waiting. The contractions we’re slowing down and getting less intense so the pediatrician sent us home at 4:30 AM. We all try to catch a few hours of sleep.

At 8 AM we’re all back ‘on duty’. The intensity of the contractions are increasing. Guerlianne is breathing through them with the help of Vaisel who showers her with TLC.  Whilst we are waiting patiently, the doctors walk in every now and then to check on mom’s dilation and the baby;s heartbeat is checked with help of an ultrasound. Baby is doing fine. It’s almost noon as Guerlianne has full dilation and is allowed to start pushing.

A few minutes past midday little Vainaë is born and Curaçao has another YDK! I was honoured that they let me capture these precious moments for them. It was moving to see how welcome this little mucha muhé is! Pabien, hopi fortuna and bendishon with this bundle of joy!