It took sometime before I could post this album. Partly due to vacation and partly because I was out of the country. And sometimes it can take longer because parents have to think if they want to give their consent before I can post anything online. Luckily for me Arthur and Charmaine gladly consented.

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On a sunny dag, somewhere in the first week of August 2018 I get a text message from Charmaine. She has been admitted in to the Sehos (Sint Elisabeth Hospitaal on Curaçao) because she has a little fever. The baby isn’t due for two more weeks but, hey, we know by now that those little guys can not be bossed around, right? We agree to keep in close contact and if anything happens, I will be ready in five minutes! Slowly I countdown the hours but 48 hours later, still no news…

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, my phone rings. For medical reasons they (the staff in the hospital) have decided to perform an emergency caeserean section. In the Sehos it is not allowed to be present in the OR so unfortunately I can not keep my promise to Charmaine and Arthur to document the birth. But right now it’s more important that both Charmaine and the baby are okay.

I hurry to the hospital and by the time I get there, Charmaine is just on her way to the operating room. I take as many pictures as I can. I stay with Arthur and Charmaine’s mom and we wait  just outside of the OR. Arthur paces up and down the corridor, he’s not allowed inside the OR so it’s nerve wrecking! As the minutes slowly pass by…

Suddely there is movement. The doors to the OR open up and a nurse appears with a little budle in her arms. While Charmaine is beaing treated (stiched) after the c-section, I am able to capture the moment when the nurse walks through the or- doors, holding the baby and right after when Arthur sees and holds his newborn son for the very first time! Arthur is mesmerized!

I tag along with Arthur and his mother-in-law, back to the baby-room downstairs where a doctor checks the baby from head tot his tny little toes. The baby is in excellent condition. Arthur and grandma take turns holding and admiring him.

The waiting game starts again because mama Charmaine still has to come back downstairs. With the hour she joins us and finally she can hold her little baby son. They name him Xavier. After some more photo’s together I say goodbye . Pabien and bon bini baby Xavier!